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- How did you decide to devote yourself to fashion and create so beautiful things?
Fashion and beauty have been with my since 2012)) I have a degree as a fashion designed and all 10 years I have worked in this area. Before establishing my own brand, I worked as a designer in an atelier in Kyiv, and had a time part job as a teacher, developed paper patterns for the clothes of the Ukrainian brands, that is why understanding proportions, vision of lines and design are easy for me. The idea of macramé came to my mind when my family and I were on holiday in Montenegro and I saw a girl wearing a macramé dress. Since that time macramé has become my inspiration and love. By the way, I learnt macramé, bead weaving, crochet and hand knitting when I was a teenager)) I think that the holiday and this 2021 brought me two children because in the end of September I delivered our son and in the beginning of September I organized a photo shooting and started intensive work at establishing my own brand of dresses and tunics in macramé technique.

- This is 100% summer trend. How long does it take to make a tunic or a dress?
Yes!!! Macrame is the hottest trend! The reasons are that this is seductive, authentic and very beautiful). Each dress is made only by hands and it takes 3-7 days)) That is why if you want to have a special and unique look – this is exactly what to pay attention to). I make and leave some of the most popular models available because not all girls plan their holiday in advance) Sometimes such a nice outfit is needed urgently, “for yesterday”.

- What attracts you in the idea? Is it about trends and style or self-expression?
I think, this is symbiosis. I had an idea of creating tunics in macramé technique in Boho Chic style unexpectedly. I like that each thing is made by hands and bears particular energy. This is not mass market things made … without heart and soul put in them) Macrame trend is rather a bonus for me than a reason to make outfit in macramé technique. I like what I do very much. Every free minute I spend near the mannequin, creating)

-Who are your customers?
My customers are my love)) They are extremely attractive and confident girls and women))) They know their worth, appreciate individuality and like looking differently. They are brave and say willingly their vision) They are confident in their uniqueness and express that with our outfit; among my customers there are even men who want to surprise and make happy their beloved ones.

- Where do your ideas come from?
First Pinterest, fashion magazines, Internet. Later, a wish to combine many different combinations of knots, to create unique pattern. I have very many ideas and plans) In autumn I want to make a collaboration with one Ukrainian brand, also I want to make a step from perception of dresses and tunics as clothes for beaches and summer rest only. I am planning to make macramé things which would be easy to combine with street and casual styles.

- What place does fashion occupy in your life, what does it mean for you?
I love fashion and it loves me) Fashion for me is a way of self-expression).

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